26 05 2016


So I’ve been slacking on my Street Photography and decided to go run out and take a bit of time to go to Chinatown to see what I could find… I took a few pics but of the images I took this was one I thought worthy enough to post. This guy was sitting by the River of Life mission on Maunakea & N. Kukui St. Waiting for the meals they provide to those of less fortune. The lineup at the River of Life is interesting because you would think that the people waiting for the free meals would fall into those that would look a bit disheveled but I found that there are those that look like they have jobs and are there also for the meals that they provide, granted I don’t know what each persons background is, what fortune or misfortune they maybe experiencing are but I do know living in Hawaii is hard even for those who have a job to make ends meet, to have a place to live and have enough to eat.


nice morning as usual.

29 05 2013

Win a D800 or 5D Mark III

29 05 2013

Great chance to win a D800 or 5D Mark III two just awesome cameras ( I know I want either one)

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!


14 05 2013



14 05 2013

Was putting my kids to sleep, sitting there waiting until I was sure they were out… Bored so, shot the night light.


Bye posterous it’s been fun.

30 04 2013

Good Morning! A beautiful morning as usual.

6 08 2012

Taken at Ala Moana Regional Park